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Welcome to Vela HR Consulting

Business leaders need to focus their attention on enhancing every
facet of their business. At Vela HR Consulting, we are aware that
HR is just one aspect of a successful business, and we are here
to provide you with the HR building blocks you need to keep your
business moving forward.

Vela HR Consulting provides cost-effective, integrated services to
assist businesses in effectively managing their HR responsibilities,
risks and issues. We meet with each company’s leadership team
and collaborate with them to establish and prioritize their HR
objectives and align those objectives with overall strategic goals.

We supply knowledge, experience and expertise in organizational
development/structure, policy development and review, HR department
audits, HR issues, leadership training, employee communications,
performance management and employee relations.

Vela HR Consulting serves the Greater St. Louis, MO area.
Please reach out to us if we can be of assistance.

Vela asks..
Do you know
what your employees are thinking?

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Vela's Featured Topics

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